September Events!

We had a blast at Garrison Kentucky’s Creative Expo this month and we have lots more events coming up!

We have an art class schedule at Port City September 17th at 6:30

We’re we will be painting this!

On September 21st we have another art class at Main Street Portsmouth’s Farmers Market!

Tickets for our classes can be purchased here:

Later that day we will be preforming at the Southern Ohio Museum and promoting my latest collaboration Moon Songs.

Fumbling with the Blues

We are bringing the Haskins House booth to Blues, Brews, & BBQ! Join us July 13th for some good times at Portsmouth’s historic Spartan Stadium.

I will be releasing a new batch of Portsmouth themed artwork and will have prints of my Spartan Stadium painting available too!


I am so happy to announce the release of the Moon Songs book! It is now available for pre-order and we will have physical copies for sale at Haskins House during Small Business Saturday on Nov. 24th!

Here is a little preview of the project, a link to pre-order, and some details about what a Moon Song is!


Moon Songs is a collection of music and artwork created through an exchange between an illustrator and songwriter. In this collaboration Charlie Haskins showed Josiah Whitley a painting and Josiah composed a song in response to the image. Likewise, Josiah played Charlie song and he created an image in response to the music. The feel of Moon Songs ranges from whimsical narratives to bluesy ballads that explore a connection between folk music and folklore. Subject matters include the loneliness of The Man In The Moon, the story of an “uncatchable fish” and a haunting personified account of a hanging tree.


The stylized portraits and imagery used in the album’s artwork incorporate techniques found in caricature, outsider art and illustration while the music cites folk, singer songwriter, country and blues influences. In this partnership the creators intend their audience to interact with their work through a book which contains the artwork, lyrics, and a CD insert which contains the songs so the audience can simultaneously take in the art and music.

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Big Things for November!

We did a lot of shows and made a lot of art in October, but November has its own surprises in store!

Last month we painted Frankenstein at the Markay Theatre, painted a mural on 2nd St in Portsmouth, and setup at the Irvington Indiana Halloween Festival! This month we are releasing our Portsmouth calendar and a new book I made with musician Josiah Whitley called Moon Songs!


There has been a lot going on at Haskins House.

We had the pleasure of teaching a painting class at Port City Pub. We painted Nessy!

We conducted a workshop for the area schools and made Van Gogh puppets out of cardboard.

We held a paint class at the Happy Pot where we painted Alexandria Point.

We set up at Indianan Comic Con and met Reptar!

And we are happy to announce we will be setting up at this year’s Nelsonville Music Fest as well as the Mothman Festival!

Pumped Up!

As if you couldn’t tell, we had a great time visiting Chillicothe’s Pump House Gallery!

I was invited to speak with Chillicothe’s Art League and got to demo, display, and explain some of the stories behind my pictures–like this painting called Between Dog and Wolf. It’s about growing up and being in a transition from childhood to adulthood, and how my newborn son won’t let me sleep at night!

If you missed this event and would like to catch the next art exhibit, check out our schedule on the Events tab. Our next art class will be on Feb. 27th at The Happy Pot in Portsmouth, Ohio.

Stranger Things

Almost 15 years after my high school graduation, I was fortunate enough to meet up with my high school art teacher, Mr. Painter. (Yes, that is his real name!) I’ve know Mr. Painter since about the 4th grade, and his teaching and attitude about art continue to have an influence on my work, but until this last get together I had no idea how true this was.

Before the reception of the new Contrasts exhibit at the Greer Museum, we got together to catch up and see what the other had been working on. Painter told me he had brought several new artworks to share. Some were acrylic paintings, some pictures were made out of wax, and he even brought a collage of a rooster that he had just finished. Much to my surprise, his rooster almost mirrored a piece I had in the gallery called “Cock-a-Doodle Don’t”

I think we were both kind of shocked by the resemblance when we placed our two rooster pictures side by side. 

After we left the gallery, I got the chance to see Painter’s studio and work space. True to form he taught me about new art materials to try out and needless to say, I left with an education!