Hot Dog 2021

Charlie Haskins is a strange breed and a bit of an underdog. You’ll learn all about that though as you explore his latest coloring book, Hot Dog!

Tabby Road 2020

Haskins’s first coloring book featuring 48 pages of cat inspired coloring sheets. Copies are available for purchase here:


Moon Songs 2018

By: Josiah Whitley and Charlie Haskins

Moon Songs is a collection of music and artwork created through an exchange between an illustrator and songwriter. In this collaboration Charlie Haskins showed Josiah Whitley a painting and Josiah composed a song in response to the image. Likewise, Josiah played Charlie song and he created an image in response to the music. The feel of Moon Songs ranges from whimsical narratives to bluesy ballads that explore a connection between folk music and folklore. Subject matters include the loneliness of The Man In The Moon, the story of an “uncatchable fish” and a haunting personified account of a hanging tree.

bridge lane cover

Bridge Lane – 2017

Authors: Jennifer Morgan and Jessica Lincecum

Anna and Momma are determined to use strength, courage and a little bit of faith to persevere through difficult days. After many challenges, Anna and her momma find themselves living on Bridge Lane, a homeless camp underneath a bridge. Anna’s first day at her new school is trying, but in spite of her bad day, Anna’s spirits are lifted by Momma’s encouragement and the train station lady’s compassion. The very next day, an encounter with some mean girls at lunchtime ensues, but a brave little girl, named Clara, comes to Anna’s rescue. Anna and Clara form a friendship and dream of having a sleepover when Anna and her momma can move into a home. Momma begins working at the train station, and life seems to be better for the two – until devastation strikes again. The devastation doesn’t hinder Anna and Momma’s faith, though. During a tearful discussion, Momma reveals a plan to Anna. A few days later, Anna and Momma board a train in pursuit of a new dream.



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