Thank You!

A huge thanks goes out to all of the people in our community that made the Street Art Saturday series a success! Since May we have been able to help fill Portsmouth with art! We’ve met and featured many wonderful artists, musicians, and small business owners and have been amazed at the talent and positivity that Portsmouth has to offer. Thank you for allowing us to share your work; it has really made the area feel alive!

Here is a list of a few of the people who made these shows possible. Please take the time to tell them thank you and show them some support as they all are doing good things! (Especially if you’d like to see Street Art Saturday come back for a second season in 2017!)

Businesses: River Town Antiques, Hidden Treasures, Remember When, Packrats, The Primitive Corner, Ghosts in the Attic, Journey Within, Sudzy’s Pin-Up Palace, and North Shore Printing.

Organizations: Main Street Portsmouth, and the Portsmouth Daily Times.

Artists: Tammy Eizman, Sue Lonney, and Kenneth Wayne Carlson.

Musicians: Because We Love You, Andy Russell, The Grave Robbers, Johnny Whisman, Linda Whisman, Heather Book, Steve Free, Ryan Conley, and Nevada Hart.

Poets: Ian Bush.

Individuals: Joey Pratt, Frank Lewis, Ciara Conley, Travis Haskins, Carrie Hall, and Crystal Haskins.

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