20 Under 40

Each year the Portsmouth Daily Times creates a Progress edition to showcase how far our town has come each year. These editions also center around those in the community who strive to make a difference. The theme this year focuses on community leaders under the age of 40, who dedicate their time to making Portsmouth a better place. Selections were made based on nominations and community suggestions.

Charlie and the Haskins House crew are honored to be included in this year’s Portsmouth Daily Times 20 Under 40! 

Q & A

How are you involved in the community?

My name is Charlie Haskins. I grew up in Scioto County and live in Portsmouth. I come from a large family of craftsmen, artists, poets, musicians, and … eccentrics! I wanted to be an artist at a very early age and worked along side my artist dad to fufill that dream. I earned a B.F.A. in painting at Shawnee State and later moved away to Tennessee to get my master’s degree. Afterwards I returned to the area to teach art and open my own gallery. Generally the artwork I make is whimsical and full of stories, bright colors, jokes, puzzles, and puns. Within the past few years I’ve been painting scenes of Scioto County and I am currently enjoying making art with my 4-month-old son, Milo.

What achievement are you most proud?

Since about 2003 I have been showing art in Portsmouth. I first showed my work in antique stores like Urban Ore and Pack Rats and later in places like the Boneyfiddle Arts Center and the Southern Ohio Art Museum, until I ultimately opened my own gallery and store called Haskins House.

Which person has influenced you the most and why?

Upon opening my own store, I was introduced to a large number of Portsmouth’s creative community. Almost every week I met an artist, writer, or musician that I had never heard of before. I met folks from all walks of life and all different skill levels, who devoted their existence to making and sharing their creative endeavors.

What was your proudest professional moment?

I saw a passion for technique, craft, and a desire for expression in these people. As a result, my brother Travis Haskins and I began to host open mics, local art exhibits, and collaborate with programs like Main Street Portsmouth to create events such as Street Art Saturday that offered these artists a chance to share their talents. Helping to give artists a voice at theses events helped me find my own, as I have often revisited these events in my paintings. Seeing the crowds at a show, laughing, smiling, sharing ideas is truly a great feeling.
I am exceedingly grateful for the support we have seen at Haskins House.

What gives you reason for optimism in your community?

People have continued to commission portraits and murals and attend our events. It is an encouraging thing to see 2nd Street filled with creativity, business, and most importantly people.

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