I am so happy to announce the release of the Moon Songs book! It is now available for pre-order and we will have physical copies for sale at Haskins House during Small Business Saturday on Nov. 24th!

Here is a little preview of the project, a link to pre-order, and some details about what a Moon Song is!


Moon Songs is a collection of music and artwork created through an exchange between an illustrator and songwriter. In this collaboration Charlie Haskins showed Josiah Whitley a painting and Josiah composed a song in response to the image. Likewise, Josiah played Charlie song and he created an image in response to the music. The feel of Moon Songs ranges from whimsical narratives to bluesy ballads that explore a connection between folk music and folklore. Subject matters include the loneliness of The Man In The Moon, the story of an “uncatchable fish” and a haunting personified account of a hanging tree.


The stylized portraits and imagery used in the album’s artwork incorporate techniques found in caricature, outsider art and illustration while the music cites folk, singer songwriter, country and blues influences. In this partnership the creators intend their audience to interact with their work through a book which contains the artwork, lyrics, and a CD insert which contains the songs so the audience can simultaneously take in the art and music.

46307718_483410912148734_1509067575839948800_n (1).jpg

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