New exhibit!

Here There Be Monsters at the Markay Theatre in Jackson Ohio.Oct 24th – Nov 17th

Artwork by: Charlie Haskins & Trevin Wyant

Opening Night is Oct 24th at 7pm!

Haskins 2019
Wyant 2016

The title of the exhibit, Here There Be Monsters, comes from a phrase that is sometimes depicted on old world maps and antique globes. Acting as a warning, these words labeled dangerous or unexplored territories and acted as a reminder that there are still unknown forces at work in the world. Accompanied by symbols of dragons, sea monsters, and the like, these were the kinds of maps that kept you from falling off the edge of the world. In creating work for this show, however, I used this title as a compass to guide me to monsters rather than steer me away from them.

Haskins 2019

Wyant 2016

The creatures I found in this search are presented here in both drawings and paintings. These images largely consist of shadowy blob-like figures that lurk and loom their way through several impressionistic landscapes. In this series, one can see several of these monsters rummaging through neighboring houses looking for food and lifting up sailing boats from the water as they study the humans inside. In one painting, the monsters are even seen sharing a sunset as they picnic on a small city!

Haskins 2019

Making work for this show has been a wonderful opportunity to collaborate with my fellow artist, Trevin Wyant. His dark narratives, fiendish beasts, and claw-like mark making evoke powerful feelings of fear, anxiety, and panic. It has been a privilege to navigate and chart these monstrous worlds with him. We both hope that you enjoy the show–Here There Be Monsters!

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