In with the Outsiders

For the past week we have had our show on the road and have been hard at work at the Judith Racht gallery’s Outsiders Art Fair in Michigan.

I had a lot of help making our exhibit a success and I’d like to thank everyone who had a hand in making it happen.

Creating the paintings for the show was only half of the work that went into this trip. I had so much help from my wife and son that this show wouldn’t have been possible without them. Milo and Crystal helped me set up our booth and run it too. Milo even greeted our customers with a big smile and a wave.

At the show we meet lots of people and saw a lot of amazing art objects. Like the ones made by our new friend Heavy. He gave us a lot of tips and kept us laughing with his great art!

Here he is with Milo and a painting he calls the “Center of the Universe”. As he held Milo up in front of his sun painting for a photo Heavy said “look it’s an eclipse!”

Even our “cell mate” Patrick Mcardle shared some advice and cool stories with us about seeing Chuck Berry perform at a high school gym. Patrick brought such a vast collection of art I was able to show my work right next to some wonderful Howard Finster pieces.

It was an incredible experience being able to have all of this support and love for the artwork I make. I am so grateful for my family, friends, and the community that made this opportunity happen. It’s something I’ll always remember.

Thank you!

Behind the Scene

After having the pleasure of touring this beautiful property and painting its unique country setting, I wanted to share some “behind the scenes” photos to show what went into making this picture.

Here are some of the reference photos that guided my way through the space. I think these collages give a unique insight into how I create my pictures. The inspiration behind the painting was to fit this entire property into a single frame.

Upon visiting this location, I saw so many beautiful features that I choose an arial composition to help capture the location’s most distinct features. Included on the estate are two ponds, a garden, a large hay field, and a marvelous three story brick house. I really had to manipulate and bend the perspective to capture everything in the scene.

As you can see my paintings go through several changes as I work on varying layouts. From left to right you can see differences in scale and the orientation of some of the buildings and surrounding wildlife. I usually work with big areas first and add the finer details as I go. Many of the black outlines and even the animal sitting on the porch act as my finishing touches.

Getting to know the owners of this lovely home was a real treat and I had a wonderful time working with them to help tell the story of their property.

The delicate art of lying to the choir director…

Yesterday was such a special day!
I finally got to reveal two secret paintings that were commissioned for Stan Workman's twenty fifth anniversary celebration as choir director at Portsmouth's 2nd Presbyterian Church.

For the occasion I was asked to create a portrait of Dr. Workman as well as a painting of the exterior of the 2nd Presbyterian Church. I was told the paintings would be a surprise and would be presented to Stan at a secret dinner party. Much like Stan however I had no idea what this dinner was going to be like!

I'm sure for Stan things seemed to start normal enough. Stan was told that he would be playing the music for a fellow church couple's anniversary party but little did he know that as he played piano in the corner of the large dining hall, that all the people in attendance were there to celebrate him!

Stan must have had a few questions about the folks walking in and even more as a curious clergy member took over as mc. The man introduced himself as "Father Guido" and spoke with a heavy Italian accent. While lighting a cigarette the man thanked everyone for attending the night's "ruse" and keeping the big secret.
He then asked his good friend Stan Workman to join him on the stage.

Father Guido quickly dressed Stan in a robe, sat him down in a throne, and placed a crown on Stan's head. As Stan began to realize what was happening Father Guido exclaimed, "This is your life, Stan Workman!"

The night was filled with jokes, stories, surprise guests, and guessing games. Friends from Stan's early career, students, and fellow musicians took the stage and shared stories about their time with Stan and paid him tribute in song.

So many people shared their love for Stan and his work. They even presented Stan with a large donation from the group to fund organ preservation.

Afterwards it was my turn to join in and unveil the paintings I had made for Stan.

It was so humbling to be apart of this event and share in celebrating Stan's accomplishments. I'd like to thank all the folks at 2nd Presbyterian for inviting me and for asking me to paint their beautiful building.

Monkey’s Uncle

I’m so proud of my niece, Karlie Haskins! Not only did she create a cool painting that she titled Happiness, but she also got 1st place at South Webster’s art show this week! 


Prop me up!

“Prop me up against the jukebox…” prop!

This is my first prop I’ve made in a long time. It is headed to the Portsmouth Little Theatre for the Sordid Lives show.

I’ve been working on some other props and I have also donated a painting of the historic PLT to be raffled off. 

The drawing will be held on Saturday, May 27th following the performance of Sordid Lives! Part of the money raised will go to the PLT.

Raffle tickets go on sale Monday at Haskins House and can be purchased at the PLT box office on show nights! Raffle tickets are available for a $5.00 donation. 

I will also have 8″ x 10″ prints for sale at Haskins House and the Portsmouth Little Theatre for $10.00.

You can reserve your seat for Sordid Lives now at 

Street Art Saturday Returns!

Read all about Street Art Saturday’s return here in this wonderful write-up at the Portsmouth Daily Times and watch some of the performances on our YouTube channel. 
The next show is on June 3rd. We will have lots more talent filling the streets and Charlie will be releasing his new book Painting Portsmouth!


Life goal met! I got a chance to work with legendary artist Wayne White! 

If you were like me, Wayne White is an artist you might not know you knew. For a years I’ve seen his work on tv shows, movies, and music videos without realizing who he was or what he was responsible for creating. When I saw the documentary Beauty Is Embarrassing, I learned of the many characters and props White had made on series like Pee Wee’s Play House, Beakman’s World, The Weird Al Show, and his award winning music video Tonight, Tonight for the Smashing Pumpkins.  

In his work White promotes humor in the art world and explains that laughter can be one of our most valuable forms of expression. I was mezemorized by White’s work and found that I enjoyed it so much because it was energetic, entertaining, and most importantly fun.

White is currently working on an installation project called Wayne-O-Rama. People are describing the show as a history fun house. The exhibit pays tribute to White’s hometown of Chattanooga, Tennessee and recreates the area’s history through a series of giant sculptures and puppets!

I was fortunate enough to not only meet Wayne White, but I also got the chance to work with him! I was able to lend a hand on this giant Samuel L. Jackson puppet! 

It was an unbelievable experience for me to be able to work with such an innovator. I’ve admired his work for years and his work continues to motivate me to experiment and try new things. 

The Wayne-O-Rama instaltion will be open until this September and will be followed by a new Wayne White retrospective this June! Check out Wayne’s website here for more info.

20 Under 40

Each year the Portsmouth Daily Times creates a Progress edition to showcase how far our town has come each year. These editions also center around those in the community who strive to make a difference. The theme this year focuses on community leaders under the age of 40, who dedicate their time to making Portsmouth a better place. Selections were made based on nominations and community suggestions.

Charlie and the Haskins House crew are honored to be included in this year’s Portsmouth Daily Times 20 Under 40! 

Q & A

How are you involved in the community?

My name is Charlie Haskins. I grew up in Scioto County and live in Portsmouth. I come from a large family of craftsmen, artists, poets, musicians, and … eccentrics! I wanted to be an artist at a very early age and worked along side my artist dad to fufill that dream. I earned a B.F.A. in painting at Shawnee State and later moved away to Tennessee to get my master’s degree. Afterwards I returned to the area to teach art and open my own gallery. Generally the artwork I make is whimsical and full of stories, bright colors, jokes, puzzles, and puns. Within the past few years I’ve been painting scenes of Scioto County and I am currently enjoying making art with my 4-month-old son, Milo.

What achievement are you most proud?

Since about 2003 I have been showing art in Portsmouth. I first showed my work in antique stores like Urban Ore and Pack Rats and later in places like the Boneyfiddle Arts Center and the Southern Ohio Art Museum, until I ultimately opened my own gallery and store called Haskins House.

Which person has influenced you the most and why?

Upon opening my own store, I was introduced to a large number of Portsmouth’s creative community. Almost every week I met an artist, writer, or musician that I had never heard of before. I met folks from all walks of life and all different skill levels, who devoted their existence to making and sharing their creative endeavors.

What was your proudest professional moment?

I saw a passion for technique, craft, and a desire for expression in these people. As a result, my brother Travis Haskins and I began to host open mics, local art exhibits, and collaborate with programs like Main Street Portsmouth to create events such as Street Art Saturday that offered these artists a chance to share their talents. Helping to give artists a voice at theses events helped me find my own, as I have often revisited these events in my paintings. Seeing the crowds at a show, laughing, smiling, sharing ideas is truly a great feeling.
I am exceedingly grateful for the support we have seen at Haskins House.

What gives you reason for optimism in your community?

People have continued to commission portraits and murals and attend our events. It is an encouraging thing to see 2nd Street filled with creativity, business, and most importantly people.

Raffle & Print Sale!

St. Patrick’s Day is almost here and I’ve been working with Portsmouth’s 7 Nations Celtic Club on a new painting to help celebrate their annual St. Patrick’s Day parade.

This painting is titled The Irish Rovers and it will be raffled to help finance this year’s festivities. 

The picture includes highlights from the event including the bagpipers, the 7 Nation Celtic Wagon, and the best dressed dog (aka The Irish Rover). I even hid a tiny four leaf clover in the picture! 

Raffle tickets are avialiable at Port City Irish Pub – 424 Chillicothe St in Portsmouth. Patrons can purchase tickets for $1.00 each and have the option to buy multiple tickets to increase their chances of winning the original painting.

Prints of this painting will also be  available for sale. Pre-ordered prints measure 11″ x 17″ each and will be signed and numbered. Anyone interested in purchasing a copy can do so at Haskins House’s online store by clicking here. Customers have the option to pick their orders up at Pack Rat Antiques at 534 2nd St in Portsmouth or they may request to have their items shipped directly to them. Each print is $15.00 and will ship on March 14th.

This year’s parade will be on March 18th at 11am and will feature the Cyril Scott Bagpipers. The parade will be starting in Boneyfiddle and ending at Tracy Park. 

So mark your calendars and wear some green!!! This event will be rain or shine. ☘️🇮🇪


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