Behind the Scene

After having the pleasure of touring this beautiful property and painting its unique country setting, I wanted to share some “behind the scenes” photos to show what went into making this picture.

Here are some of the reference photos that guided my way through the space. I think these collages give a unique insight into how I create my pictures. The inspiration behind the painting was to fit this entire property into a single frame.

Upon visiting this location, I saw so many beautiful features that I choose an arial composition to help capture the location’s most distinct features. Included on the estate are two ponds, a garden, a large hay field, and a marvelous three story brick house. I really had to manipulate and bend the perspective to capture everything in the scene.

As you can see my paintings go through several changes as I work on varying layouts. From left to right you can see differences in scale and the orientation of some of the buildings and surrounding wildlife. I usually work with big areas first and add the finer details as I go. Many of the black outlines and even the animal sitting on the porch act as my finishing touches.

Getting to know the owners of this lovely home was a real treat and I had a wonderful time working with them to help tell the story of their property.

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